R-IT Solutions | Queue Ticketing System
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Queue Ticketing System

Queue Ticketing System is a complete system that expedites the entire process for serving customers, regardless of what industry your business belongs to.

Package Inclusions:

The package we offer is inclusive of:

Software installation and maintenance

We will install the RIT Queue System Server, and also the client stations, helping you modernize your customer service processes without you having to deal with technical difficulties

Hardware Integration

We will integrate the RIT Queue System to the PC and laptop, the display hardware and the printer hardware that you have.

User training

We shall conduct a basic hands-on training to help users become well-acquainted with the system they will use. This personal training will cover the entire queue ticketing system process. This is limited to one session of 2-hours maximum, within Metro Manila only.

Hardware Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

  • Any functional Desktop PC, at least Dual Core
  • Any regular LCD / LED / TV monitor
  • Any type of printer, preferably small format off-the-shelf POS thermal printers

*For printing purposes, you also need to provide thermal paper for the printing of tickets with the queued numbers.

The Queue ticketing system includes the following:

Queue Ticketing System Inclusions:Days to SetupPrice ex GST
• 1 license basic package of RIT Queue System Server Station
• Three (3) Teller Licenses for User Stations
• 1 connection to POS printer
• Server and User Stations Licenses valid on a single unique location only.
• With Unlimited User Accounts for each Licensed Stations.
3$ 1999.00
Additional Client License for each PC Teller Stations
Queue Ticketing System Inclusions:Price ex GST
Additional PC Teller Stations Licenses valid on a single unique Server location only.
Single PC Teller Stations Licenses$434.20 each
1 to 5 Additional Client Licenses$346.61 each
6 to 10 Additional Client Licenses$303.28 each
11 and more Additional Client Licenses$259.96 each
Annual Fee after from Next Year$799.95


  • Initial down payment of 80% of the project cost upon contract signing.
  • Final billing of 20% upon software installation on the client site and before generation of the server license keys.
  • RIT reserves the right to discontinue any service if payment has not been received within the agreed period.
  • RIT reserves the right to change the prices. Clients will be informed four weeks before any price changes are implemented.


  • We provide one (1) month support using internet remote access. Client must be able to provide our staff with remote access to the server machine or the client machine, as the case may be.
  • We provide unlimited email and phone support during regular business days and business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM within one (1) month from project installation.
  • All support activities are business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on regular business days, excluding weekends, public holidays and any special holidays.
  • Troubleshooting via email, phone, remote access will not be billed, as long as the issue is related to software causes and not due to hardware crash or virus programs.
  • Software reinstallation due to hardware crash or virus programs will be charged as regular onsite support rate.
  • We provide User Manuals and User Trainings for our Queuing system.


We provide program functionality guarantee for ninety (90) days. We would require the main server machine to have an internet connection with ability for us to remotely access this machine for support and maintenance work.


The prices for the programming and design modules in this quotation will remain valid only for sixty (60) days from the date of the proposal.

*Please note our RIT Queue Server Software is valid only for one PC machine. Each individual RIT Queue Server Software license is mapped to only one (1) MAC Address. RIT Queue Server Software is not transferable PC machine except in extraordinary situation subject to approval.