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Online Booking System

Online Booking System Inclusions:Days to SetupPrice ex GST
Online Booking System
1. Customized colours and logo for the client Company
2. The Patient will go to the online appointment URL for example http://bookings.companywebsite.com/
3. If he/she has no patient record, he/she will need to register and create her account.
4. If there already has an existing record, will need to input username and password to authenticate.
5. Logged in Patient will select the Doctor to consult, and further select from the available dates and available time slots.
6. Once appointment is made, that time slot will be marked as un-available for other Patients. An email confirmation will be sent.
7. When the Patient arrives during appointment time, the Medical Receptionist will manually check and validate the reservation made from the system.
8. A reservation queue ticket number will be generated.
9. During the appointed time, the reservation queue number will be called regardless of any walk-in queue number that might have arrived before her.
10. Note that the online appointment numbering can be of a different series, for example if regular Patients are 1000 to 1999, online appointments can have 2000 to 2999 number series.
11. Those who arrived late for the appointment time will proceed to regular queue ticket.
12. Appointments made can be cancelled by the Patient account who created it, 24 hours from the time of appointment.
13. Transfer of Patient Name and other demographic info from the Queue system into BP Clinic Software when the Patient checks in.
Annual Fee after from Next Year$799.95


  • Initial down payment of 80% of the project cost upon contract signing.
  • Final billing of 20% upon software installation on the client site and before generation of the server license keys.
  • RIT reserves the right to discontinue any service if payment has not been received within the agreed period.
  • RIT reserves the right to change the prices. Clients will be informed four weeks before any price changes are implemented.


  • We provide one (1) month support using internet remote access. Client must be able to provide our staff with remote access to the server machine or the client machine, as the case may be.
  • We provide unlimited email and phone support during regular business days and business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM within one (1) month from project installation.
  • All support activities are business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on regular business days, excluding weekends, public holidays and any special holidays.
  • Troubleshooting via email, phone, remote access will not be billed, as long as the issue is related to software causes and not due to hardware crash or virus programs.
  • Software reinstallation due to hardware crash or virus programs will be charged as regular onsite support rate.
  • We provide User Manuals and User Trainings for our Queuing system.


We provide program functionality guarantee for ninety (90) days. We would require the main server machine to have an internet connection with ability for us to remotely access this machine for support and maintenance work.


The prices for the programming and design modules in this quotation will remain valid only for sixty (60) days from the date of the proposal.

*Please note our RIT Queue Server Software is valid only for one PC machine. Each individual RIT Queue Server Software license is mapped to only one (1) MAC Address. RIT Queue Server Software is not transferable PC machine except in extraordinary situation subject to approval.